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Dji spark vs dji mavic pro заказать фильтр nd4 phantom 4 pro 29 янв. г. - DJI now has three consumer camera drones under $ made for different users. Here's how to get the features you want. 23 янв. г. - If you're on the fence between the Spark and the Mavic Pro, you can now buy the Mavic Air. If you're on the fence between the Spark and the Mavic Air, well this article is for you. DJI Mavic Air: DJI Mavic Pro: DJI Spark:

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Your submission has been received! Please read our Comment Policy before commenting. Expectations in check, there are far superior camera drones out there, there are many smartphones with better image capture as well. Session expired Please log in again. Not ignoring that the price is different and the intended image capture is no the same, but still, both are all but designed for imaging purposes, I only ask that they do a good job. The DJI Spark is an incredible product, and I look forward to the next iteration which I hope will bring foldable arms and longer kavic life. Gesture mode on the Mavic Air is a completely different story. Another nice feature that most people will probably overlook is the threaded lens filter mount. About Us Customer Service. Both the Platinum and Mavic Air use a 3-axis gimbal, while the Spark relies on a 2-axis gimbal. Instead of immediately tilting the camera when you fly sideways in Sport mode, you can fly up to 20mph before the gimbal reaches its limit. Reporting on drones, sometimes with drones. Dji spark vs dji mavic pro чемодан phantom 4 pro собственными силами

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