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Что такое ioc dji защита объектива белая combo самостоятельно 28 авг. г. - Intelligent Orientation Control (IOC) IOC allows users to lock the control orientation of the aircraft in different modes. There are three working modes for IOC that can be selected in the DJI Pilot app. IOC only works when the aircraft is in F-mode, therefore the user must toggle the flight mode switch to activate. 8 июн. г. - You need the phantom turned on and connected, first enable the IOC modes then watch what happens in the app when you toggle the lever on left side of controller. This is similar to previous phantom assistant in that it gives you visual confirmation the switch is working. Be ready to switch back and give. 28 окт. г. - Hi guys, I've enabled multiple flight mode on the DJI App, but why can't I see IOC on the app, at all. It just isn't there, how do I find and enable it.

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Эксплуатация Dji Phatom 3 Standard. IOC. Фиксация курса или Course lock❿❽ CS keeps turning off. THEN the advanced waypoints, etc. May 9, Messages: I cant turn on IOC on the app even multi flight mode is on. How did you solve it? Your name or email address:

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Mar 31, Messages: Mike Drone7 , Clampit and J Dot like this. It is interesting that none of these is in any sale ads I saw. Choose which mode you require. But what happens when you move the lever on the controller? You must log in or sign up to post here. How did you solve it? Что такое ioc dji набор комбо к коптеру dji

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Do you already have an account? I had the same problem I think trying to fly with waypoints, but then like the other suggestions, had to have it back, get in the air, and then switch it forward. The best description I have found for this describes 3 modes for IOC. Mar 31, Messages: Do you already have an account?

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