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Компас для dji phantom 4 pro игра квадрокоптеров The DJI Phantom 4 Pro / Pro+ is an extremely smart flying camera with five-directions of obstacle sens- ing made up of vision and infrared sensors, making it able to intelligently avoid obstacles during flight. Its brand new camera offers unprecedentedly image quality for the Phantom, with greater clarity, lower noise, higher. Hi,I have the P4 for about 2 months,only 4h25min of flying. Every single time I was flying the drone,after IMU warming up I was doing a Compass Calibratio WHERE is compass 1 on the P4 Pro. 27 сент. г. - i have been flying my P4P for 2 days now. I owned a P3P for about 2 and a half years. I don't see the option to calibrate compass before flight on the P4P DJI Go app. I'm not sure if it's the new app preventing me or the P4P. Before on the P3P you just clicked calibration where the compass option open-bridge.rum 4 Compass Calibration.

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You would then need to select and different location or fly with the encountered offsets. The compass calibration is the same for both Phantom 4 and Phantom 4 Pro. Если дрон не требует калибровки компаса и в каждом полёте не вылезает ошибка компаса, то успокойтесь и летайте. Вопрос может кто знает в каков правильный порядок включения планшет прога - пульт - дрон? You will just calibrate that influence into the compass and once the craft moves far enough away from the magnetic field, the crafts compass bias versus imu will be too great and the craft will degrade GPS down to ATTI. Standard Feb 6, Phantom 3 Pro. Отправлено 27 Июль - Re-calibrate the compass again and a couple more times if the Phantom 4 status indicator still shows red or is blinking red or flashing red, then yellow. Nov 27, Messages: If the compass calibration continues to fail, then the next step is to calibrate the Phantom 4 IMU. This article covers the steps to calibrate the Phantom 4 compass, some information on the status indicator lights and what to do if the calibration fails.

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